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Metropolitan State Hospital Gordon Robb Architect
Gordon Robb 



Gordon Robb was born Canada in 1888 and at age sixteen, he enrolled to study architecture at MIT in Cambridge, MA. Robb remained a student of architecture at MIT for most, if not all of the period between 1904 and 1913. In 1912, he was employed as an architect in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and remained employed as a Boston architect until 1919. Gordon Robb received training in Colonial Revival style and design at MIT. He married his first wife Elizabeth Johnson in 1915 and by 1916, began building Colonial Revival homes throughout Massachusetts. Following his first wife’s death in 1919, Gordon Robb married Clara van Cor in 1921. Clara grew up in Quebec, Canada and shared Robb’s family roots. After the marriage, the couple resided in Salem, MA.


Between 1922 and 1944, Gordon Robb maintained a professional architectural office in Boston, moved to Winchester, MA and was increasingly called upon with historic projects. Robb’s design was a hybrid style of Colony and Cottage. Its Y-plan infirmary and use of hopper sash design was to prevent escapes and were particularly influential. He is credited with served as consultant to the creation of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, the restoration of the Salem Witch House, Northampton State Hospital’s Memorial Complex (Wards D,E,C and F) along with Metropolitan State Hospital. Gordon Robb retired and moved to South Dennis where passed away on November 2, 1974 at age 86.

Salem Witch House

NSH Memorial Complex

Met State

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