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George M. Kline M.D.

Commissioner of Mental Diseases 1916-1933

Dr. George M. Kline

George Milton Kline M.D.

Superintendent, Danvers State Hospital


"If there was one project to which Dr. George M. Kline devoted more of his wide experience and whole-hearted energy during his long career as Commissioner of Mental Diseases, it was the Metropolitan State Hospital. Even before he took office, in 1916 the need for a new mental hospital, had been strongly indicated and steps had already been taken in that direction by the initial purchase of land. Dr. Kline oversaw the tremendous task in construction and development of the entire project in which he was destined to play such an important role.


From choosing the site for its historical value, for a part of it lies on the former estate of General Nathaniel Bridges, a contemporary and close friend of George Washington, who is said to have visited there. Dr. Kline was asked by a local patriotic organization to post this fact on the scenic spot where stood the original colonial residence, removed for the building of the superintendent's house.  The Board of Insanity was authorized in January, 1915, to purchase 281 acres of land in Waltham, Belmont and Lexington. The cost was $68,500, which was about $30,000 below the original estimate.


A group of hospital superintendents in Massachusetts formed an advisory committee on construction, and with its help plans were made for a hospital of 1,900 beds, composed of a number of separate units, two-four stories in height, and distributed on the grounds so as to provide the best conditions."

Roy D. Halloran, M.D.,

Superintendent, Metropolitan State Hospital